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Legend: Heart represents number of attempts, that you have. When attempts run out you are hanged. Then you get 10 new attempts.
Rope is showing number of your hanges.
Star is showing game level. Every time, you correctly find the word, level increases for one point.
The flag is showing percent of completed game.
Icon shows / delete current properties of game (attempts, level, words, ...), with purpose of better recognizing of the game. Same effect happens if you press on the picture.

In statistic is shown 50 best players. The best one are, which have been hanged at least and have at the same time as high as possible game level. Every correct answer leads you to higher game level.

Terms of use
The Hangman game is created for fun. With game using is user agreed, that he will consider web codex of communication and kindness to other players. The user nickname mustn´t be insulting to nobody and nothnig. Site user agrees, that Hangman game is playing on his own responsobility and that author/provider (in further author) of game is strictly not responssible for any type of damage, loss, which could arise in connection with author offer (in this are included all of contents, material, informations, services and other, which author is offering). Author is not ressponsible for any of respossobilities for data accuracy and game functionality, services, content. Author is reserving all rights for turning site off, changing, adding or removing players, contents without previous allert and don´t take responsobilities for any kind of consequences of changes. Users uses web site, their parts, contents and informations especialy on their own responsobility, author don´t take any kind of responsobility. User agress, that can upload photos, which are his ownership and for undetermined time give author rights for author usage of this web site. There is not allowed uploading not allowed pictures, like pictures of violence content, faces of people, vulgar contents, sexual contents, humiliating contents. User uploaded photos and keywords can´t delete because of funcionality of the game. User with using of site agress that he is notified with the law of cookies, their purpose and operating.

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User account
Profile is private. In profile you can change your nickname, site language, choose your originaly country (shown in statistic), upload photo, delete account, overview your list of uploaded photos with keywords, ... Uploaded photo will be avaible to players,when administrator confirmes the photo validation.

Uploading photos
Size of picture is limited to max. 7 MB. Size of picture is limited on min. 200 x 200. Allow formats for data is JPG/JPEG, PNG. Content that complies with the Terms of Use is permitted. Keyword must occupy at least 20% of photo.

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